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Our Journey

TARA VATANPOUR® has been created to promote genderless and sustainable art and fashion and to ensure the outmost fashion and artistic experience to our users.

Tara Tess Vatanpour started the TARA VATANPOUR® brand in 2020. Starting alone, the company soon expanded to a small team of ten people and to a registered brand name, with attention to building values such as honesty and transparency, courage and perseverance. From a background of Fine Arts, with experience of trauma and mental illness, TARA VATANPOUR® is designed to create awareness and bring healing and help to the world of art and fashion. Soon recognized, the art has been internationally exhibited and Tara has been featured in many interviews and magazines. Collaboration and creation, are the key features of TARA VATANPOUR®.


Want to work with us ? You can also contact us through email at Model, Photographer, HR, Stylist, etc, we are always seeking new talents, regardless of race or gender or sexual orientation. If you do, please include your CV, and how you would like to contribute to our business. This email is also valid for any relevant business enquiries. 

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